Workquake: Embracing the Aftershocks of COVID-19 to Create a Better Model of Working

Steve Cadigan

Mascot Books, 216 pages, (hardcover) $24.95, 9781645434269
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

Corporate America has found it difficult to get people back to work after the pandemic. But talent shortages, especially in fields like tech that drive the economy, were a problem even before the pandemic. Steve Cadigan’s compelling book Workquake explains why.

Cadigan posits that the pace of technological change makes employees’ skills obsolete in less […]

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Tales of the Monkey King

Teresa Chin Jones, illustrated by Gennel Marie Sollano

Xlibris, 200 pages, (paperback) $44.99, 9781664157903
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

Set in a world depicted throughout Chinese mythology, Tales of the Monkey King spins the author’s version of stories she was told as a child—of a clever, strong-headed monkey with magical powers and his many adventures.

This book is presented in chapters, most only two or three pages long. In them, Monkey King gathers a […]

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The Hatchet Men

Simmeon Anderson

, pages, ,
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

Simmeon Anderson’s ambitious novel is a fusion of science fiction, alternate history, post-apocalyptic fiction, and international thriller that ties in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. It spans centuries and follows a group of advanced humans (aka Hatchet Men Shadows) as they attempt to save humankind from their nemeses (the Hatchet Men Ghosts).

The main storyline […]

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Love in the Time of Horses

Charles Porter

PalePorter, 258 pages, (paperback), 9780989425667
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

Love in the Time of Horses, by Charles Porter, is a literary character study with a contemporary western vibe. Set against the backdrop of dressage competitions in Palm Beach County, Florida, with detours to fast-draw gun contests, black-tie music recitals, drag shows, and backwoods boar hunts, it cleverly juxtaposes the refinements of the monied class […]

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The Michigan Dogman: A Diary

, pages, , 9781234567897
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

In this diary-style novel, a half man/half dog chronicles his life as an “imperfect monster” forced to live in secrecy.

The story begins as the hybrid creature known as the Michigan Dogman introduces himself. He’s about 8 feet tall, 500 pounds, with hair covering his face and body, information he’s gathered from people who’ve reported […]

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Not Afraid to Slay: Women of the Haunt Industry

Jan Knuth and Candi S. Cross

Janet Knuth, 108 pages, (paperback) $16.99, 9781736836705
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

In Not Afraid to Slay: Women of the Haunt Industry, author Jan Knuth (with Candi S. Cross) tells of her personal journey in the haunted house industry, interwoven with insights and advice for others interested in starting their own business.

American haunted houses represent a thriving industry, with annual export sales over $25 million of […]

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What Happened at Lake Tallulah?

Nina Lisicar

Book Vine Press, 296 pages, (paperback) $9.99, 9781953699640
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

In What Happened at Lake Tallulah?, Nina Lisicar merges romance and speculative fiction genres. Shifting between past and present, the author details the life of Margaux Martin and her extra-terrestrial experiences, as well as her love affair with the mysterious Byron O’Neill.

As a teenager, Margaux goes on her first date with Byron, which ends […]

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Investing Essentials: How To Make Extraordinary Investment Decisions Using Your Own Unique Investment Filtering Scorecard

Robert S. Olsen, CFP, CPA

Outskirts Press, 138 pages, (paperback) $21.95, 9781977221988
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

As a family wealth advisor with 40 years of experience, CPA and CFP Robert S. Olsen is used to assisting clients in shifting their mindsets as well as their assets. His investment scorecard was developed as a tool to help them. The scorecard allows readers to analyze potential investments based on (among other variables) the […]

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Jean Marie Davis

Wren Park Publishing, 264 pages, (paperback) $15.00, 9780578497464
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

Jean Marie Davis’ Espoused is a comedic yet tender fable about love and the nature of commitment.

In the novel’s world, the law requires those in a first marriage to uncouple after 15 years. Partners who wish to stay together must endure a lengthy legal process to espouse.

Tom and Sara Healy hire hard-working lawyer […]

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The Divine Comedy: The New Translation

Gerald J. Davis

Gerald J. Davis, 364 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9798502687287
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

It seems impossible that in the 700-plus years since Dante Alighieri wrote his famous poem, The Divine Comedy, a translator could present something new. Novelist and translator Gerald J. Davis, however, has produced a prose version without a single footnote, revealing something many scholars missed: The Divine Comedy is a great read!

For centuries, scholars […]

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