Pearls of Purpose

Quinn Morris

PageTurner Press and Media, 150 pages, (paperback) $8.99, 9798886225198
(Reviewed: November, 2022)

In this compilation, Quinn Morris encourages Christians to bring their problems and worries to God through prayer and trust that He will work everything out beautifully.

Morris’s two- to three-page chapters begin with a stated “Purpose,” such as “To Be Useful.” She then explores the topic, including quotes from Scripture, and ends with a “Today!,” […]

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The Persian Glories

Susan Wakeford Angard

Tudor House, 384 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9781733898447
(Reviewed: November, 2022)

This historical novel pits its protagonists against a relentless villain out to possess a priceless jewelry set at any cost.

The book opens with the pivotal moment in 1942 when Rena Anjani, young wife of the prime minister of Iran, attends a royal ball and lays eyes on the Persian Glories, a legendary parure of […]

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Developing and Building the Mind and Heart of Christ Jesus (Within You)

Dr. David Garty

Xlibris, 254 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9781664165533
(Reviewed: November, 2022)

“What will it take for each and every believer to develop the mind and heart of Christ Jesus?” Dr. David Garty asks in the Preface of his book. With this book, he continues, “I hope to create a process that we can follow…”

Garty’s offering, essentially a faith-based self-help book, is designed to be used […]

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Leon the Warrior Dog

CY Sansum

AuthorHouse, 146 pages, (paperback) $14.34, 9781665595490
(Reviewed: November, 2022)

Beat, a shepherd, and his dog Leon join the Roman army and attempt to fight off a Goth invasion in this short historical novel set in 313 A.D.

When a soldier asks Beat to join the army, Beat challenges the soldier to attack him with his sword. If the soldier can’t hit him, Beat says […]

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Russ Thompson

Finding Forward Books, 110 pages, (paperback) $6.99, 9781737315759
(Reviewed: November, 2022)

Torn is a short, quietly engaging young adult novel about health and empathy.

The novel is narrated by Perry, a high school track runner who seriously hurts his knee after trying to catch a young thief stealing a package from his porch. He later discovers the thief is dating his younger sister and is one […]

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Sailing the Milky Way: A Passport to the Unimagined

Eileen Ferriter

Outskirts Press, 24 pages, (hardcover) $27.95, 9781977247087
(Reviewed: November, 2022)

Eileen Ferriter’s Sailing the Milky Way is a picture book that follows a dragonfly on a trip through the cosmos.

The book begins with a young boy in bed. “Before you tuck me in,” he says, “can you tell me the story of Yuri once more?” The narrator then informs readers that “The loving parents […]

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Working with Gen Z: A Handbook to Recruit, Retain, and Reimagine the Future Workforce after COVID-19

Santor Nishizaki and James DellaNeve

Amplify Publishing, 256 pages, (hardcover)$24.95 , 9781645438458
(Reviewed: November, 2022)

People have been talking about a “generation gap” for, well, generations. Each successive generation is greeted with handwringing about “kids today.” The current crop of young people, born between 1995 and 2012 and known as Gen Z, is no exception. Thus, Working with Gen Z is written to bring clarity to how to deal with […]

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Where Destiny Commands: 1939-1945 A Time of Love and War

Leila Sen

Leila Sen, 568 pages, (paperback) $22.00, 9781980364177
(Reviewed: November, 2022)

A meticulously researched chronicle of her parents’ fateful meeting and subsequent romance amid the horrors of WWII, Leila Sen’s debut novel blends memoir and historical fiction.

The story is initially set in 2002, a few months after Sen has scattered her parents’ ashes. Her visit to their home in San Francisco, the beloved house—filled with […]

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Nad of Nadidé

Wagih Abu-Rish

Kirkland Publishing, 337 pages, (ebook) $5.99, 9798985915228
(Reviewed: November, 2022)

Palestinian-American Wagih Abu-Rish’s Nad of Nadidé is an engaging novel centered around a young couples’ relationship amidst the upheaval of cultural, religious, and political obstacles.

Fareed is the beloved son of renowned London neurosurgeon parents. His mother is of Irish descent and his father is from Palestine. When Fareed’s relationship with an arrogant, abusive woman […]

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New You! Who Knew?

David R. Edwards

HVASF Publishing, 354 pages, (paperback) $19.95, 9798985087611
(Reviewed: November, 2022)

Life-changing events — such as divorce or a loved one’s death — provide opportunities for self-growth. To use these events as such, self-motivation is key, writes author David Edwards. This requires developing two skills: self-efficacy and self-esteem, he believes.

Most of Edwards’ book describes how to hone these skills. Starting with exercises focused on identifying […]

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