Death by Your Own Device: A Philip Sarkis Mystery

Peter Kowey, M.D.

iUniverse, 304 pages, (paperback) $20.99, 9781532093838
(Reviewed: November, 2020)

Dr. Peter Kowey is a cardiovascular surgeon in Pennsylvania — just like Philip Sarkis, the protagonist in his four previous mystery novels and his newest, Death by Your Own Device.

Here, the plot concerns Sarkis’s former student, Ray Gilbert, who notices a spike in questionable uses of medical devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators in […]

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The Printer and The Strumpet

Larry Brill

Black Tie Books, 316 pages, (paperback) $17.50, 9780996083447
(Reviewed: November, 2020)

This engaging, well-told novel concerns events surrounding the American Revolution.

The story opens in 1773 Boston with newspaperman Leeds Merriweather laboring over the lede for his next column. When his first idea is to quote Dickens (“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….”) long before Dickens’s birth, it’s clear this […]

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13 Days

Louis Paul DeGrado

iUniverse, 282 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9781663201331
(Reviewed: November, 2020)

In 13 Days, the sequel to The 13th Month, a diverse group of people embark on a battle against evil.

The story centers on a priest, a Native American shaman, an archaeologist from India, a professor and a psychiatrist – all tasked with battling dark entities called Shadows, an evil force waging war by placing […]

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Jason Jupiter: Lost and Found

Albert M. Manaford

Archway, 572 pages, (paperback) $29.99, 9781480890398
(Reviewed: November, 2020)

Albert M. Manaford’s Jason Jupiter: Lost and Found delivers a science fiction novel infused with futuristic technology.

Set in the early 21st century and occurring over several days, the novel centers on Jason Jupiter, age 10, and his relationship with a young alien, Michael, whom he discovers in the wreckage of a cargo ship that […]

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The Atonement of Jesus Christ

Dr. Emmanuel Abu Kissi

iUniverse, 154 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532090349
(Reviewed: November, 2020)

In The Atonement of Jesus Christ, Dr. Emmanuel Abu Kissi, referencing both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, shares his understanding of what was accomplished by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He believes this message, intended for “worldly people,” is “for their salvation” because the end of the world is near. Furthermore, […]

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California Infrastructure Projects

Ernest C. Brown, Esq., PE

iUniverse, 478 pages, (paperback) $28.99, 9781532090042
(Reviewed: November, 2020)

Large projects – especially public works undertakings – require many different entities to cooperate. This results in numerous monetary transactions, some of which could be sizable, and laws to protect all parties. This book outlines such issues, as well as common pitfalls for working on public works projects in the state of California.

Best suited […]

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Color-Field Paintings

Fiore Ai

Page Turner Press and Media, 82 pages, (paperback) $18.99, 9781643767871
(Reviewed: November, 2020)

Inspired by American abstract expressionist art, Color-Field Paintings showcases artist Fiore Ai’s experimentation and evolution in geometric abstract paintings from 1971 to 1974.

Drawn to color-field painting and the “movement of light and colors through space,” Ai experimented with hard edges, light, and color grades to evoke movement, tension, and harmony and to manifest emotional […]

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Almost to Heaven

Jean Nielsen

Xlibris, 194 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781524540548
(Reviewed: November, 2020)

Jean Nielsen shares her near-death experience and encounter with God in Almost to Heaven, a memoir that encourages thankfulness.

At 52, Nielsen was a healthy, vibrant woman but suffered a tear in her coronary artery wall and nearly died. She was unaware of her rare condition: spontaneous coronary artery dissection. In painstaking detail, she recounts […]

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The Miracle’s Curse

Keith Vincent

iUniverse, 330 pages, (paperback) $18.99, 9781532087882
(Reviewed: November, 2020)

What happens when a machine can provide you with everything you want: food, clothing, machinery, even living tissue for organ transplants? That’s the concept of Keith Vincent’s engaging science fiction novel The Miracle’s Curse.

The story introduces Boston College graduate student Peter Harris as he completes his prototype machine that rearranges the atomic structure of […]

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Aladinma, Eighties to Nineties: A Reconnect

Peter Obidike

iUniverse, 278 pages, (paperback) $20.99, 9781532088193
(Reviewed: November, 2020)

Set in a quiet neighborhood in the Nigerian city of Owerri, Aladinma follows the story of Ginika, a bright, tenacious son of a public servant.

In 1979, Ginika’s father, a Federal Ministry of Works engineer, receives a promotion that forces the family to move from Onitsha to Owerri. Though shy, Ginika shows promise in his […]

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