Streets of Tears

Larry J. Hilton

Newport Publishing, 388 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9780996786140
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

Not often is the story of World War II and the Holocaust told through the eyes of the “other side”: the “ordinary people” who knowingly or unknowingly acquiesced to, approved of, or participated in Nazi genocide and carnage. Streets of Tears seeks answers to such ever-lasting questions as “Did they know of the death camps?” […]

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The Camden Kid

The Camden Kid and the Angels above

iUniverse, 52 pages, (paperback) $12.99, 9781663231642
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

In this brief memoir, the author, who calls himself The Camden Kid, recounts the story of his life, one marked by tragedy and trauma.

The Camden Kid is told in a stream-of-conscious, fragmented style that obscures the chronology of events. The author remembers his mother coming home when he was five “after her mastectomy [sic] […]

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The Poachers of Immortality

Ron Lamberson

Hydra Heads Press, 435 pages, (ebook) $6.99, 9798985201307
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

Book 2 of the Kilimanjaro Club Adventure Series takes American Stuart Mancini to the rugged mountains of China, where a friend of his late grandfather – a renowned explorer and adventurer who belonged to an exclusive, private club for world travelers – has sent out a call for help.

Eighty-year-old Parnell Sumner has been captured […]

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From Savvy Saver to Smart Spender: How to Pick a Tax-Wise Retirement Withdrawal Strategy

Daniel W. McDonald

RTS Tech Publications, 141 pages, (paperback) $18.95, 9798885257374
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

You’ve pinched pennies and done the hard work of saving money. Now you’re reaching retirement age. How can you take your money out with the lowest possible tax burden? In his book, From Savvy Saver to Smart Spender, “semi-retired” intellectual property lawyer Daniel W. McDonald notes that this decision can have serious financial consequences, to […]

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Ari’s Spoon

Doug Zipes

iUniverse, 320 pages, (paperback) $20.99, 9781663225726
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

Ari’s Spoon is a historical novel that connects the past with the present.

Surgeon-in-training and Polish Catholic Gabe Goerner discovers an engraved silver spoon sewn into his newborn daughter’s baptismal gown. While trying to find the origins of this mysterious spoon, Gabe comes across the hidden journal of Jakob, a young Jew living in the […]

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The Kingfisher

Dr. Donna Clovis

Balboa Press, 84 pages, (paperback) $8.99, 9781982269685
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

Dr. Donna Clovis’s The Kingfisher shatters the fourth wall and pulls readers in with an invitation to travel through it hand-in-hand with the author. Occupying a strange interstitial space between a long poem and a short novella, the story takes a backseat to the writing itself.

This is both a journey and a quest. The […]

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The Potentialist I: Your Future in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years

Ben Lytle

Amplify Publishing, 264 pages, (hardcover) $28.00, 9781637551363
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

Blending career and self-help advice with speculation about future trends, veteran insurance executive Ben Lytle tells readers what to expect in life and work over the next 30 years.

The first in a projected Potentialist trilogy, this book paints a clear, and sobering, picture of an increasingly “disrupted” world. Rising lifespans and falling birthrates, the […]

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Edward Oliver Tilburn: Profile of a Con-Artist

Donald K. Hartman

Themes and Settings in Fiction Press, 126 pages, (paperback) $10.95, 9780960082315
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

Donald K. Hartman’s Edward Oliver Tilburn: Profile of a Con-Artist follows the life of a man who continually created himself anew.

Beginning with Tilburn’s birth in Philadelphia in 1859, and detailing his subsequent studies, first in Pepperell Academy and then Yale, Hartman tells how Tilburn left his schooling to become an actor and musician. Soon, […]

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The Magical Librarian of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Nancy Coiner

Coiner, (paperback) $14.99 pages, 317, 9798985800807
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

Nancy Coiner wraps the pitfalls and perils of academia into a fantastical plot in her novel, The Magical Librarian of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The story’s titular heroine, Dr. Kate LaFon, is trying to adjust to her relatively new position as lead librarian at a prestigious Oklahoma university. Even as she strives to curate the library’s collection […]

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Violette, Your Shoes are on Backward!

Marie Salas

Marie Salas, 27 pages, (paperback) $7.99, 9798424685934
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

A preschool-age girl discovers why it’s a good idea to wear shoes the correct way in the picture book Violette, Your Shoes Are On Backward!

Violette’s mother often tells her that she’s wearing her shoes backward. It’s an event that happens every day, but that doesn’t seem to bother Violette. The book traces her daily […]

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