Tales of Old: Stories from the Old Testament

Clive Johnson

Labyrinthe Press, 273 pages, (ebook) $5.95, 9781916227637
(Reviewed: January, 2020)

Clive Johnson retells selected stories from the Bible’s Old Testament in this read-aloud compilation for children and adults.

With tales of “giants, fabulous creatures…unworldly beings…maverick prophets…unfathomable miracles and celestial wonders,” the Old Testament has “inspired writers, film makers, painters, composers and many more over the centuries.” Johnson encourages a revival of the oral tradition of […]

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Origin of the Follower and His New Actions

John Durbin Husher

iUniverse, 302 pages, (paperback) $20.99, 9781532010200
(Reviewed: January, 2020)

John Durbin Husher’s action thriller features Axel Tressler, also known as The Follower, a biology professor who uses his extraordinary physical capabilities to carry out high-risk missions for the U.S government.

Growing up, Axel realizes that his body is capable of producing much larger than normal quantities of energy. Axel sets about developing a mini-computer […]

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Haiku for Today’s World

Jon Seymour

Xlibris, 86 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9781796047813
(Reviewed: January, 2020)

Jon Seymour’s collection, Haiku for Today’s World, addresses a wide variety of topics, ranging from broad, philosophical categories like love, friendship, hypocrisy, and the meaning of life to more particular, concrete categories like movie characters, lawyers, and baseball.

The volume is comprised of 22 sections of tercets arranged by theme. While the poems resemble classic […]

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Just Me Thinking Out Loud

Thomas Frank Gibbs, Jr.

Xlibris, 98 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9781984514240
(Reviewed: January, 2020)

Just Me Thinking Out Loud by Thomas Frank Gibbs, Jr. is a collection of poems that meanders through one’s man’s life and reflections on topics that touch us all, such as love, fate, world issues, and personal sorrow.

The book is a series of poems without sections and many of the titles espouse skepticism and […]

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A More Perfect Union

Paul Shemella

Page Publishing, 149 pages, (ebook) $16.95, 9781646282968
(Reviewed: January, 2020)

Paul Shemella’s second in a series, A More Perfect Union, takes place in pre-9/11 America, as a right-wing group of white nationalists plans a series of terror attacks to incite a militia-led uprising against the federal government.

Gabriele Barnes is happily married to husband Carl, but at the story’s opening, he dies trying to prevent […]

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The Water Column

Aran Jane

Roquebrune Books, pages, (paperback) $, 9780578622897
(Reviewed: January, 2020)

Aran Jane’s engaging thriller, The Water Column, follows Lila Piper, a gifted intuitive personal injury investigator who is examining the suspicious death of a young man.

The victim is Wolf Holzinger, 33, the son of her boss’s friend Hans Holzinger, a wealthy dairy farmer. Wolf had fallen 16-stories to his death while attempting to rappel […]

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Brink of Life: Book 2: Brink of Life Trilogy

Rick Moskovitz

Fluke Tale Productions, 160 pages, (paperback) $7.95, 9781734178913
(Reviewed: January, 2020)

Rick Moskovitz’s Brink of Life is the second in a fascinating science fiction trilogy about a futuristic society where minds can be swapped to different bodies.

The story begins where A Stand-in for Dying ends. In 2059, a female consciousness awakens inside a different body, attending the funeral of that person’s husband. Standing over the […]

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Nyasala: A Journey of Aviators and Humanitarians Working During the Crisis in South Sudan

Hugo Jackson

iUniverse, 198 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532076541
(Reviewed: January, 2020)

In Nyasala: A Journey of Aviators and Humanitarians Working during the Crisis in South Sudan, Hugo Jackson draws upon his experiences in South Sudan and his work in aviation and humanitarianism to create a jolting novel set during a heart-breaking civil war.

In 2013, President Kiir of the new state of South Sudan and member […]

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The Superhero Within: Super Drat

Adam Maitland

iUniverse, 108 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532075704
(Reviewed: January, 2020)

The superhero of Adam Maitland’s charming fantasy for young readers is not the traditional, run-of-the-mill comic-book hero, but a child with special needs who teaches readers important lessons.

Dexter has always had trouble controlling his physical and mental impulses. He admits that his attention strays; his body doesn’t always respond to commands from his brain; […]

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Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market Growth

Laura Patterson

Violetear Press, 226 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9780971008625
(Reviewed: January, 2020)

Today’s corporations must grow or they will die, claims marketing maven Laura Patterson in Fast-Track Your Business. She counsels management to target organic growth, meaning growth through a company’s own activities, rather than through mergers and acquisitions. Becoming “customer-centric,” believes Patterson, is the way to organic growth.

Patterson distinguishes a product-centric from a customer-centric company. […]

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