Ordinary Miracles

Krissi Marie McVicker

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Some women get pregnant with little effort. Others, however, struggle with infertility issues and need an outlet for both their educational needs and to bond with others in a similar situation. Author Krissi Marie McVicker never imagined that in her 20s she would have trouble conceiving, especially because her twin sister did not. She connected with an online infertility message board for help and was guided toward in vitro fertilization (IVF).

McVicker soon learned that IVF, while offering hope, is no picnic, but a “terrifying, anxiety-ridden, alternate reality.” It involved complicated dosing schedules, numerous drug interventions, blood draws, and painful progesterone shots in her buttocks administered at home by her reluctant husband, Rob. The author was equally traumatized by the egg retrieval process and knowing that her “babies” had to be jump-started outside of her womb. She felt hollow without her “microscopic, helpless embryos,” while they sat in a lab maturing.

Eventually, McVicker was rewarded with “three miracles” in two pregnancies. She wrote this book to inspire others and to convey the emotional impact this process had on her and her husband; something she found lacking in the books she researched. “I hope all the infertile couples who read it laugh and cry, feel connected and not so alone…”

Through her straightforward and honest writing style, McVicker succeeds in sharing the trials and tribulations involved in trying to combat infertility. She makes clear how demanding and often costly the process is, and she exposes raw feelings, such as the deep heartache of going through the long, hard IVF process through embryo implantation, only to learn you did not get pregnant and have to start again.

Readers taking a similarly anxious journey through infertility will find this book informative and refreshing, and no doubt will feel the author is just the “BFF” they need to cope. At book’s end, they can continue their long-distance friendship through her inspiring online blog, http://stressfreeinfertilityblog.com.

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