No Other Name: One Couple’s Story of Living With Cancer

Ed and Loretta Williamson

Publisher: Xulon Press Pages: 162 Price: (paperback) $14.49 ISBN: 9781545602010 Reviewed: May, 2019 Author Website: Visit »

Ed Williamson’s memoir shares spiritual insights gleaned from his wife’s 20-year cancer battle, to help others deepen their relationship with God in times of crisis. While Loretta Williamson is listed as co-author, it’s unclear how much she personally contributed beyond the opening chapter about her childhood.

Ed and Loretta met while working at David Wilkerson’s Teen Challenge Center in Brooklyn, New York. Both raised in religious families, the two were passionate about sharing Jesus’ love. They married and founded the Covenant Evangelical Methodist Church in West Virginia. When Loretta was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer, the news shook her family and tested their faith.

Williamson uses their experience to frame a discussion of divine healing. He declares that “wrong thinking about healing has become an albatross around the neck of the believer and robs people of experiencing healing.”  He details the medical methods that helped his wife, as well as events that led to God’s miraculous intervention to erase cancer from her ribs.

Further, he carefully relays the ways his wife used Scriptures to battle fear, pain and sadness during her ordeal. The big takeaway is “that divine healing is not in the heavenlies and suddenly falls down…healing begins from within the heart of the believer who is walking in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.” Williamson also notes that “our life here on earth is not primarily about maximum physical health, but about a maximally deep relationship with God.”

As a unique twist, the author includes his children’s testimonies and the reactions of others, which provide an interesting panoramic view of how sickness affects the whole family. One technical note: the speaker of some chapters is not at first easily discerned, but overall Williamson’s work is perfectly edited, organized and full of biblical evidence to support his claims.

Anyone walking through the terror of diagnosed disease will find solace in No Other Name, which encourages readers to see beyond the circumstances to God’s greater plan.

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