K. R. Gadeken

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K.R. Gadeken’s immersive genre-bending novel, Nabukko, is set on a bizarre planet with inhabitants who do not remember how they got there.

Eff Sharp finds herself alone on an unknown planet with barely any recollection of her past. After surviving for months, she encounters a group of people similarly stranded on the planet. At first, Eff is delighted to find community, safety and food but later discovers that many members of camp Nabukko are struggling to trust her. The group is also concealing secrets that make Eff question how safe she is in the camp.

Eff constantly has nightmares with blurred flashes of the past. Many in Nabukko are in a similar predicament and want answers regarding their arrival on the planet. Being the newcomer means key information about the camp is withheld from her. With little information to work with, Eff struggles to solve the puzzle about their mysterious arrival on the planet and how they could get back to Earth while trying to adjust to life at the camp.

Gadeken has delivered a unique, richly woven story brimming with intrigue and mystery. Through lush details and vivid descriptions, the novel’s world comes alive. Beautiful scenery and meadows with hues of red, black, brown and purple dot the landscape, and dim, golden sunlight lights up the planet. Unfamiliar animals like the menacing rodent-like creatures named Munkraves and other deadly animals roam the planet.

The cast consists of original, brilliantly crafted characters who grow and adopt new roles. Eff makes both friends and enemies in Nabukko, and as new mysteries arise, those friendships are tested. A strand of romance is skillfully woven into the plot, and humorous dialogue enlivens the story.

The first installment in a trilogy, Nabukko is a remarkable, multi-layered science fiction novel with endearing characters, perplexing mysteries, and unforgettable scenes. While it’s not a standalone, it introduces its audience to an extraordinary world and a compelling cast they’ll want to encounter again.

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