My Cancer Survival Saga: And How You Could Star in Yours

Jen Kimberley

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It’s been more than nine years past what traditional medicine considers a typical life span of a patient with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML), notes CML survivor Jen Kimberley, and although not cancer free, she continues living a fulfilling life. In this book—part memoir, part health guidance—she recounts her journey and the alternative therapies she credits with her long survival.

After years of conventional treatments to survive leukemia, the author moved onto nonconventional approaches. Here, she describes the tools she believes others may benefit from in their own alternative-care journeys.

Writing in an easy-to-understand manner, with many appealing anecdotes, Kimberley shares her experience with therapies ranging from coffee enemas to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, designed to improve cell oxygenation. Among the key components in her anti-cancer regime is a raw food diet free from refined sugars, coffee and alcohol, so she describes how to include beneficial foods such as vegetable smoothies and a cottage cheese/flaxseed oil mix.

She also provides basic medical information, such as describing the lymph system and blood components, which are presented as sidebars embedded within the text. Although useful, they interrupt the narrative flow at times, requiring readers to skip forward and backward in pages.

Overall, the author is an expert at bringing her alternative cancer treatments to life. She includes a colorful description of the daily life at a spa in Thailand where she received stem cell therapy and met other friendly international patients. When undergoing hyperthermia (elevating the body temperature) at a mountain spa in Germany, she also taught a nurse the Country Two-Step dance. Despite her health challenges, her joie de vivre shines through.

Kimberley is not a healthcare professional, and as with any nonconventional therapies and theories, patients should discuss these ideas with a trusted healthcare professional before undertaking similar treatments. That said, her personal journey may be useful to patients seeking information on practical, alternative ways to fight cancer and make decisions based on their individual cases.

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