Montcalm Community College: Creating Futures Then, Now, Always

Compiled by Gary L. Hauck

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This commemorative book records the 50-year history of Montcalm Community College, a two-year public school, from the time of its conception in 1963 in Sidney, Michigan, to the present day.

Written chronologically, the overview was compiled by Gary L. Hauck, a member of the school’s 50th anniversary committee, dean of instruction and student development, and a teacher of humanities, religion and philosophy. The book starts from the time that the idea of the school was first conceived and discusses everything from financial growing pains to the outstanding alumni, faculty members and administrative and support staff.

Hauck also includes details about the addition of a variety of sports teams, such as the basketball team that in the 1970s was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for playing the longest basketball game (62 hours). Other highlights are the continually growing curriculum and, in more recent years, the school’s art acquisitions and installations.

Perhaps the school’s two most well-known developments took place in the mid-1980s. One was the discovery of mastodon bones in a farm in nearby Crystal, which were displayed on campus as an educational tool. The other involves the formation of an authentic historic village on college property.

This compilation is strong on historic details, accompanied by many black and white photos showing significant people, structures and such. It also includes testimonials from former alumni explaining how their education at the school helped them achieve their goals.

The chronological setup makes it easy to follow and seems to cover every angle of the school and its development. As such, however, this commemoration lacks the kind of gripping narrative or scintillating, eye-opening material that would attract outside readers. Nonetheless, it is a solid offering and likely to be a book that satisfies all involved with Montcalm.

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