Moral Issues: The Church’s View on Contemporary Issues

FR. Markos R. Hanna

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In Moral Issues, Father Markos R. Hanna looks at 28 hot button topics for young people and their parents and offers practical and spiritual advice in an effort to safely steer modern readers on the sometimes-tumultuous waters of life.

Presenting a Coptic Orthodox Christian perspective, the author tackles such issues as abortion, cults, alcohol use, dancing, gambling, pre-marital sex, smoking, piercing and tattooing, and suicide, to name just a few. “This [book] can be a guide,” he writes, “focused on questions of right and wrong, to develop Christian values, the standards by which people judge what is important, worth-while, and good according to the Holy Scriptures dogma.”

Moral Issues is a fast read, and it is generally well written. Markos’ unadorned style complements his knack for taking complex social and spiritual issues and condensing them into simple language. For instance, his chapter on birth control and contraceptives is only two pages long, but a reader gets a quick snapshot on what the Orthodox Church believes and teaches, focusing on “faith, health and economy.”

The book, however, is in need of a copyeditor; there are a number of grammatical mistakes throughout. And although some of the appeal of this book is its succinct nature, certain chapters, such as the ones on suicide and divorce, could use more fleshing out.

Overall, Markos’ desire to help others is apparent and his explanations are easy to understand. Church groups looking for an outline of the important issues that young people face on a day-to-day basis may find this book a good jumping off point for more in-depth discussions.

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