Monster Fart Wars: Farts vs. Burps—Book 1

A. M. Shah

Publisher: 99 Pages or Less Publishing LLC Pages: 44 Price: (paperback) $5.99 ISBN: 9781943684502 Reviewed: January, 2017

A.M. Shah knows what kids find funny, and delivers a rollicking, rude load of it in his book Monster Fart Wars: Farts vs. Burps Book 1.

Giggles abound from the start as the story’s protagonist, Donald Fart, Mayor of Fartville, introduces himself and gives a bit of the town’s history (which includes plenty of flatulent synonyms and wordplay). Soon, however, a Fartquake occurs, sparing most of Fartville but doing major damage to the neighboring Burpville. The residents of Burpville arrive in need of gas reserves, but Mayor Burp refuses Mayor Fart’s offer to help and moves to take over the town entirely.

Mayor Fart and his deputy mayor, WIllard Fart, find themselves hiding in “The Butt-Cave,” cowering from the Monster Burps who have taken over the town. Shah seizes the opportunity for humor as Mayor Fart is spurred to action, despite the misgivings of his less-than-heroic deputy: ” ‘I knew I had to do something. We had to rally ourselves together, against all odds.’ ‘’We’ll never rally against these odds!’ Willard Fart said, which was of no help.”  Seeking aid, Mayor Fart summons the legendary Monster Farts from deep inside the mountain, and together they manage to protect Fartville.

Shah’s sense of humor is perfect for pre-middle school audiences, the characters are appealing throughout, and the text is simple but varied enough to keep things interesting. With the exception of a few minor grammatical and punctuation errors, the book reads smoothly. And although parents may not recognize it instantly, beneath all of the gas humor there is an underlying message of cooperation inherent to Monster Fart Wars.

Wrapped up in 44 pages, this is a short but enjoyable book that provides a satisfying conclusion, with a cliffhanger heralding a new, equally gross and entertaining enemy on the march: boogers.

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