Money Moves: Change Where Your Money Lives, Change How Your Financial World Grows

Tara Nolan

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In Money Moves, financial advisor Tara Nolan offers advice to help readers take control of their finances in order to effectively plan for retirement.

Nolan wasn’t born into wealth; she was raised, in part, on The Farm, a commune in Nashville where no one even touched money, let alone saved it. As an adult, she took on a variety of roles, including Air Force pilot, biology professor and MBA student, and finally started a registered investment advisory (RIA) with the intention of helping her own family become financially sound.

Money Moves extends her efforts to readers at large, and some of her profits will go to Capital Sisters International, which connects impoverished women in developing countries with investors offering small business loans.

Too many people aren’t prepared for retirement now that pensions are getting rarer, writes Nolan. In clear, encouraging language she leads readers through the basics of retirement planning, including busting basic myths (e.g., “The stock market will make you rich”; “You should take Social Security early”; and “You’ll need less money in retirement”). She also offers a breakdown of the different types of retirement plans and the advantages and disadvantages of each. She uses examples of her clients’ struggles and triumphs to illustrate her lessons, noting that personal finance is personal, and no one decision is right for everyone.

Nolan shines in her calm and supportive encouragement: You should get to live your dream, she notes, urging readers not to let money or lack thereof get in the way. She talks at length about how readers can manage the emotional side of money and get past self-defeating habits.

There’s little new here in terms of insight or framework, and the information presented is fairly rudimentary. However, readers who are starting from scratch and looking for a non-judgmental, encouraging guide to planning a comfortable and secure retirement will find it here.

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