Mistress Rebecca Arrives

Veronica Garrett

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A fictionalized memoir of sorts—the back cover described it as “inspired by the author’s personal experiences”—this short novel chronicles a transsexual woman’s carnal escapades as it relates to her journey of self-enlightenment.

Rebecca is a trans woman living as a submissive with a dominant trans woman Lilith. As the story begins, she’s leaving the relationship to begin a new romance with Candace. In this dynamic, however, Rebecca is the dominant partner.

Moving in with Candace, a successful realtor, offers Rebecca a new lease on life, and she begins working as a dominatrix at a local club, renting out the dungeon as a libidinous playground to facilitate her client’s wildest fantasies. As she works over her patrons with intense sessions involving flogging, oral and anal sex, and sometimes group sex, she also begins to understand her own worth as a compassionate and insightful human being who can have a positive impact on the lives of those she touches.

Case in point is Stephanie, a teen who was born a male but identifies as a female, who is homeless and hopeless. Rebecca and Candace take the teen in and play a significant role in furthering her journey of self-discovery.

While the unapologetically graphic sex scenes—and there are many—are well written and authentic, the overall narrative has some serious flaws. There’s very little backstory regarding Rebecca and the other main characters, which would have undoubtedly strengthened emotional connectivity as well as the thematic impact. There’s also very little interpersonal conflict, making the story—somewhat surprisingly considering the narrative set-up—devoid of any real intensity besides sexual tension. Lastly, the conclusion is more of a respite, leaving readers questioning what ultimately becomes of Rebecca and her newfound cohort.

Overall, this is an honest and heartfelt—albeit flawed—story of a trans woman’s erotic journey through the world of bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism.

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