Mastering Belief, Seeing Evidence

Elena Goycoechea

Publisher: Balboa Press Pages: 108 Price: (paperback) $8.99 ISBN: 9781982248826 Reviewed: November, 2020 Author Website: Visit »

Author Elena Goycoechea has had decades of professional experience with energy work as a life coach, hypnotherapist, Reiki master and teacher. She’s also traversed grief and illness with grace by embracing her belief system. This slim book is devoted to the subject.

Mastering Belief, Seeing Evidence aims to lift the veil on energy’s power and reveal how it can either create a positive and successful life or dim the light and thwart readers’ goals. The author describes its principles, among them that: inner peace through meditation can tame negative reactions; raising vibrations can bring desires to life; fear is the great disabler, and gratitude and love are the keys to creating a bountiful and joyful life. In each brief chapter (most no more than five pages), the author touches on different aspects of belief systems, from exploring expectations to healing self-judgment.

Unfortunately, Goycoechea offers few practical strategies on how to put this energy into action. In one rare example of the latter, she explains the way she coped with chemotherapy during a successful battle against cancer: “I set the intention not to suffer any side effects, that my body would only absorb the benefits. I saw myself in a protective bubble of light.” But too often she falls into tired tropes: “Nothing stands between you and fulfillment but you”; “Extend only benevolent energy to everyone and everything. When you do, you radiate love.”

Also, while the book is easy to comprehend, Goycoechea doesn’t provide research to support her claim that our beliefs create either positive or negative energy.

Because there’s little scientific backup to the author’s thesis and only 108 pages of often-clichéd explanations, it’s unlikely Mastering Belief, Seeing Evidence will be helpful to skeptical readers. Adherents of energy work might find her words reassuring, although her ideas are hard to put into practice without more concrete advice.

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