Manipulating the Last Pure Godly DNA

E. A. Jensen

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Turn to any page in Manipulating the Last Pure Godly DNA by E.A. Jensen and you’re likely to find some interesting history or insight into myth and legend. From numerous interpretations of the Adam and Eve story to an overview of the most famous Greek Gods, the author looks not only to educate but to inspire us in a search for knowledge. “It is amazing how little we understand about whom we are, where we came from and what is to become of the human race,” he writes in the book’s opening.

Using “archaeological, paleontological, and scientific” facts, he hopes to correct this hamartia in the modern mindset. In essence, he’s attempting to construct a book of ancient literacy in an effort for us to understand that one thing connects all of us to each other: God.

Beginning with an outline of the historical epochs and eras that are used by researchers and scientists to help determine what events happened when (e.g. Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic eras), along with an introduction on radio carbon dating, the author moves on to explore such things as: some of the ancient texts from the Nag Hammadi library; Sumerian myths and legends; extraterrestrials; Atlantis; Noah and the Flood; and theories of what could have existed before the earth and the universe actually came into being.

Individually, the topics make for fascinating reading. Unfortunately, the book lacks organization. Chapters seem arranged in a haphazard way, and transitions that should connect one thought to another are missing. Moreover, the author’s thesis, which he presents as an exploration of God’s DNA on Earth, is never fully explained in a concrete way. Last, the book needs copyediting to clean up many grammatical problems.

There is much interesting material here, and the author has a wonderful curiosity that is often missing in other books, but without an organizing principle, the volume is hard to recommend to others.

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