Madcap Dogs: Revealing Their True Glory

Ron Chandler

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Ron Chandler’s Madcap Dogs, a collection of 14 short stories, depicts the lives of dogs and the people responsible for their care.

The first story, “Ain’t No Fence High Enough,” is narrated by a Greyhound known in the beginning only as “dumb” or some variation thereof. After he places fourth in a race and injures his foot, the owner sends him to a grim place where he is to be “sport to those brutes” —that is, fighting pit bulls. But this Greyhound isn’t so dumb after all, and soon proves as much in a heroic way.

In “Harlequin,” a Great Dane named for the pattern on its coat, is feeling unloved and, escaping from the backyard, soon finds himself lost. The family searches for “Harley,” papering the area with photos and the promise of a reward. But as times passes, the family fears their beloved pup may have met an untimely end.

In “Geese Feathers,” a boy returns from a hunting trip with a new appreciation for wildlife, and in “Pugnacious,” a sly fortune teller recruits her Pug’s assistance to carry off various escapades.

Although these stories sometimes reflect the neglect and cruelty unfortunate dogs endure, the tales are generally upbeat in tone with the canines proving their intelligence and tenacity to survive. The point of view varies, including dog and human perspective, and while animal narrators can sometimes be too cute, here, the narration is generally used in a matter-of-a-fact-manner and fitting of the circumstances. The author’s knowledge of and affection for canines inform the stories, generally bringing a smile with the outcome.

The subject matter isn’t for everyone; the collection’s target audience is likely readers who appreciate the animal kingdom, particularly those with a soft spot for man’s best friend.

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