LuvFromLily: Choosing to Live in Love, Not Fear

Lily Derwin with Bill Derwin

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LuvFromLily offers inspirational lessons from a pancreatic cancer patient on how to live a life of joy and connection despite adversity.

As a young wife and mother of three, Lily Derwin is diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer. While she and her husband Bill sob together, Lily has a vision of a pearl in an oyster shell that opens up before her. “Then, it beamed an amazing, iridescent light, and at that moment I knew that all was surrendered to God.” Lily makes a conscious decision to approach her new reality with “love, positivity, faith, spirituality, ownership of [my] life’s journey, gratitude, and giving.”

Lily’s story is written with her husband Bill, “who helped pick up where I had to leave off.” She illustrates each of the abovementioned qualities in straightforward, grateful accounts of her varied healing modalities and how she actively builds her support network. She gives a detailed account of her specific chemotherapy, but also the benefits of other integrative techniques, including Reiki, acupuncture, and medical marijuana. She explains how bestselling inspirational author Brené Brown’s encouragement to show vulnerability and weakness allowed her to ask for help, after an adult lifetime of being the go-to person. She relates her philanthropic efforts to share comfort with the homeless.

The force of Lily’s magnetic personality can be felt in every line of LuvFromLily. Readers will honestly believe she’s capable of this level of positivity in the face of the pain and discomfort she narrates so matter-of-factly. Four-color photos of Lily throughout her treatment show the hair and weight loss, but also provide vivid testimony to her unique glow. Readers facing any life-altering challenge will find clear, specific advice for spiritual growth in their own situations.

Had she acknowledged that other people facing life-altering challenges may not themselves have bottomless reserves of faith and strength, that even Jesus wavered in the garden of Gethsemane, LuvFromLily would be even more inspirational. As is, Lily’s courage and positivity remain extraordinary.


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