Ludicrous Returns vs. The Market

Joseph Furnari

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Joseph Furnari shares investment models designed to outperform other systems in Ludicrous Returns vs. The Market.

Furnari is an engineer with an MBA in finance who, after years studying the stock market, developed two systems based on technical analysis that offer, he posits, better results than tried-and-true methods like the classic buy-and-hold strategy. The book is intended for those who seek not just to match overall market returns, but to far exceed them.

The first model, using measures like 10-day, 50-day, and 200-day averages that might seem arcane to novices but are readily available online, claims more than a 40 times greater return than the S&P 500 when back-tested over a 14-year period. The second model uses market timing, with directives to sell or buy into the S&P 500 based on technical measurements. This model also showed better performance than a buy-and-hold strategy, as back-tested over a 52-year period.

The book offers all the details needed to replicate these models, making their mechanisms clear through numerous tables, charts, lists, and diagrams. The writing is unavoidably dense with technical terms at times, requiring careful attention, but interested readers will appreciate the thorough treatment.

Furnari, however, may have trouble overcoming the natural skepticism of seasoned investors. For example, there aren’t clear reasons given for why different time periods are tested for different models; readers might understandably assume that once both models have been created, it wouldn’t be hard to test each over the same 52-year period. Cherry-picking results is a common problem in the financial world, and while some successful trades are explained in detail, there isn’t much mention of failures or missed opportunities. Furnari directs readers to his website to view a more detailed list of trades and more, but as of this writing, those files were not yet available.

Nonetheless, the book offers an impressive amount of information, providing fascinating tools and insights that should be of great interest to investors.

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