Love Loving You

L. Ralph and G. Regina

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 4 Price: (paperback) $37.37 ISBN: 9781450034258 Reviewed: November, 2018 Author Website: Visit »

Sometimes an inspiring quote can provide a much-needed change of perspective. Editors L. Ralph and G. Regina combine notable quotations with stock photos and images in Love Loving You: A Compilation of Inspiring Thoughts from Edgar Allan to Zig Ziglar.

The quotes offered in these pages deal with love, life, work, and personal growth, some with a New Age bent. A few examples include: “The Supreme Power within you is LOVE. Send it outwards, and send it inwards, and then stand back and watch what happens in your life…” (Rhonda Byrne); “The most successful people are those who serve the greatest number of people.” (Napoleon Hill); “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” (Jonas Salk).

Some offerings aren’t attributed, and these are among the book’s weaker links: “LOVE. Spell it backwards and add the two first letters to the end, and you get to EVOLVE”; “Life is fun; happiness is a natural area in your life.” There are also some spelling errors, including the name Leo Tolstoy, spelled Leo “Telstoy.”

The book is generously laid out in an 8.5-inch square format, with the quotes nicely centered on the page in an easy to read typeface. Photos and artwork, while generic-looking, are reproduced in color. Some of the art, such as a computer-generated image of one person helping to pull another up the front of an ascending arrow, look like something one might encounter in a business seminar. (In fact, both editors work in the life coaching and self-improvement industry. They have profiles with photos and contact information in the back of the book.)

Love Loving You is on the spare side, with the quotes hit-and-miss in terms of usefulness and impact. It will be most valuable to the authors as a tool to connect with new clients. As such, it’s a well-produced promotional item.

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