Life Happens

Nathalie Brisebois

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In this neat little package of a memoir, Nathalie Brisebois writes about her experience with multiple sclerosis and the ways she found to heal herself.

Brisebois doesn’t delve heavily into the years leading up to her first symptoms of the debilitating disease at age 24. She reveals only a few significant events in her past that she believes played a role in her illness, including being a chronic worrier and suffering a jarring car accident just prior to her diagnosis. In a conversational but matter-of-fact style, she gives the reader a sense of who she is and how she dealt early on with having a chronic, incurable, unpredictable disease as a young woman.

Neither does she dwell on the ups and downs of her illness, but moves along to discuss why and how she came to heal herself through alternatives to traditional medicine, such as nutrition, yoga, meditation and a simplified lifestyle. She chronicles how seven months of weekly psychotherapy helped her to scrutinize not only her physical health, but her emotional state, values and dreams for the future. She researched MS and how it could be affected by diet, exercise, stress and relationships. Gradually, she came up with a routine that includes daily yoga, Reiki massage and vegetarianism, and keeps her feeling good and living symptom-free.

Brisebois never claims to have the answers for everyone; rather, she opens up her own story of healing and invites others to take a look. While sometimes the brevity of the book leaves the reader wanting more (for example, it would be helpful to hear how she climbed out of recurring bouts of depression), Brisebois’ slim volume prompts readers to take stock of their own overall health and encourages thinking about ways to bring their lives into better balance. Seems that Brisebois has found hers.

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