Leadership and Organizational Culture: A Multi-Step Program For Success

Dr. Dennis R. Clodi and Dr. Richard Schuttler

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Leadership & Organizational Culture: A Multi-Step Program for Success by Dr. Dennis R. Clodi and Dr. Richard Schuttler is an organizational development book that outlines how to facilitate successful organizational change.

Unlike other change-support books that pre-suppose a change is needed, the authors of Leadership & Organizational Culture approach the topic by suggesting leaders consider everything from their own leadership style to their company’s vision statement before deciding whether or not change – which can be organizationally jarring and de-motivating — is actually needed.

To help readers through these considerations, the book is comprised of five parts; the first four parts – which address topics such as “Leadership” and “Dealing with Conflict” – explore the areas Drs. Clodi and Schuttler posit should be reviewed before making a decision to change. The fifth and final part, entitled “Implementing the Steps,” provides guided exercises for outlining a plan if the decision to change has been made.

The book is brief in content and heavy on workbook-style questions. As a stand-alone text, this arrangement is the book’s downfall as there isn’t enough “meat” to justify reading this for educational purposes. For example, in Part Three on “Communications,” the authors spend a paltry 21 words introducing the concepts of reactive and proactive communication before asking readers to reflect on these communication techniques in their organization.

However, as a companion to coaching others on change or another, more in-depth text, this could be an effective tool. Not only does it feature an abundance of questions throughout each of the first four parts, but it also offers a 40-step change-plan worksheet series at the end of the fifth part. As the authors note, “Too often leaders do not outline a plan of action.” Without this, “leaders don’t often stay the course, ensuring failure of the organization.” Their question-rich book provides, at the least, a good start to outlining this plan.

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