Knowledge Revealed

Sarah M. Millard

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“We do not need to go to elite Bible Schools to receive the anointing Spirit of the Lord and to understand scriptures,” states author Sara Millard. “The Holy Spirit can teach us if we are willing to learn.” The cover of her Bible study book proclaims that, “it is more thrilling to receive these revelations than to attend a town wrestling match.”

Knowledge Revealed shares Millard’s own revelations as she describes parallels between the Old and New Testaments. Although fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy in the New Testament is foundational to Christian faith, Millard’s book includes revelations that may be unique or at least less known. For example, in the Old Testament, Aaron’s deadwood rod blossoms and yields almonds as God’s confirmation of Aaron as high priest. Feeling that nothing is insignificant in the Bible, Millard explains that almonds are the first plant to emerge from winter dormancy. She makes the comparison to Jesus, Christian’s high priest, who was crucified; then, just as the rod blossomed, was reborn, “springing forth in resurrection witness and resurrection whiteness…into newness of life that could bring forth more fruit.”

The book consists of 40 chapters with titles as diverse as “Praises: Practice Praising,” “Husband Abraham versus Husband Christ,” and “Years: Seek the Meaning of Twelve.” Scripture is included within the text, but readers are expected to look up and read additional Bible passages.

Knowledge Revealed is a thought-provoking read for Christians who seek to explore symbolism in Scripture. This book is not an introductory text and assumes previous knowledge of Scripture. Readers already familiar with the Bible will readily grasp the parallels described, while those with less background may find the Christian terminology and concepts difficult to follow.

One note: the print is slightly larger than in many books, and the lines are double-spaced. The author notes that this is to allow readers to make notes between the lines, but this feature may also appeal to readers needing larger print.

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