Kingdom Financing: The Heart of the King in Human Hands

Milton Maye

Publisher: Great Writers Media Pages: 326 Price: (paperback) $14.99 ISBN: 9789769524538 Reviewed: October, 2021

Despite its title, Milton Maye’s Kingdom Financing is not focused on dollars and cents, but rather administration of all resources – spiritual and physical – to enhance success in pursuit of humankind’s ultimate destiny.

Rooted firmly in his Christian ethos, Maye endeavors to translate theological concepts so that they are more tangible. Although billed as a novel, this book would be better termed as a collection of short stories and essays. Maye pulls familiar Bible stories, unpacks them, and offers his take on real-world interpretations of those stories. For example, he constructs a fictional discussion between the gospel writer John and his brother James, followed by John’s possible inner thoughts, which Maye then speculates to be the genesis of John’s gospel.

Maye has derived his work from his own bible translation, the Caribbean Worship and Devotional Study (CWDS) Bible. He quotes extensively from the CWDS, and in addition, includes his own additional reflections and inspirational sidebars at the end of each chapter.

This book is intended to be the first of what Maye projects as a series of similar books. The effort is well-intentioned, and he clearly means it as a clarion call and a handbook that society might use to better itself.

Unfortunately, the execution is unfocused and haphazard. The author constantly switches gears between straight narrative, opinion, and even, at one point an interactive quiz. Additionally, the book’s target audience is hard to pinpoint. Many on various points of the spiritual/religious belief spectrum might quibble with this work, from believers on one end who might criticize an unofficial Bible translation, to those on the other end that might find his examples lacking in any empirical validity.

In sum, the book requires rethinking and a more focused approach before it’s likely to be well received by readers.