Keto for Life: 28 Day Fat-Fueled Approach to Weight Loss

Barbara Miller

Publisher: Barbara and Company International, Inc. Pages: 223 Price: (paperback) $19.95 ISBN: 9780988185258 Reviewed: November, 2019 Author Website: Visit »

In Keto for Life: 28 Day Fat-Fueled Approach to Weight Loss, certified master life coach, speaker, and author Barbara Miller champions the keto diet for weight loss and good health, and offers a month’s worth of keto recipes.

The keto diet is based on ketosis, where the body burns stored fat for energy through “the proper balance of high fat, moderate protein, and controlled low-carb diet.” Hence, the traditional USDA food pyramid is re-configured; Miller’s pyramid consists of 5 to 10% carbs from vegetables and a few fruits; 25% protein; and 60 to 65% fat. Red meats, chicken, whole milk, cheese, eggs, mayonnaise and olive oil are all acceptable on the plan. Sugar and wheat are strictly forbidden.

Miller spends much of the book explaining how Americans got into unhealthy eating habits—sugar, particularly, takes a beating—and she quotes numerous research studies to support the benefits of a higher fat diet. Her cheerleading style, including bold type in the margins to emphasize points, will encourage the most sluggish of readers to clean out temptations lurking in the cabinets: “I am watching you, and I see you trying to hide that candy behind the coffee can – no cheating!”

For all that, however, readers will have only a vague idea of how to implement the diet. The author offers a list of foods one can eat—or not eat —but beyond the percentages of fat to carbs to protein noted, she doesn’t help calculate portion size. In addition, her recipes don’t offer enough detail for the basic cook who needs more specific instructions, for instance, in preparing hollandaise or poaching an egg.

Nonetheless, Miller’s book is a useful introduction to the keto diet and should whet the appetite of those seeking to learn about this latest craze. And with scores of books on the keto diet available, there are plenty of places to find further information – once readers put down the candy bar and start looking.

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