Just My Thoughts

Eileen Kezia Tekyi

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The heart may be the strongest muscle, but for those who have loved and lost, it feels much too easily broken. The fragility of the heart, especially when love disappoints, has been pondered by poets for as long as pen has touched paper. And now a new collection of deeply personal poems joins those ranks.

Eileen Kezia Tekyi, a young poet, has pulled back the curtain on some obvious hurts in her compilation, Just My Thoughts. Much of her writing is raw and vivid and will find a home with the similarly distraught. One notable entry is the haunting, “Am Sorry,” a series of escalating apologies that moves from “I am sorry for believing you were my number one,” to “I am sorry for forgiving you the days you hit me,” to the ultimate “I am sorry for placing your gun in my hands.” She is especially poignant when revealing her vulnerability, as in “I Have This Feeling,” where she writes: “making sure you can’t see me when I hide.”

Her best poems are introspective and reflect the longing and second-guessing that comes after being left. But grouped together, they can feel redundant, much like the self-indulgent venting of a teenager with a broken heart. Read in total, there is a sense of playing the same sad song over and over. As a poet, Tekyi seems to be at her best when feeling her worst. Less successful are those entries that try to affirm (“L is for Love; You have to love/ yourself to love life”), which feel less authentic. Her final poem, “Hope You Dance” is lovely, though, as it offers hope that love can and will be found again.

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