Just a Little Bit of Faith

Angela Colbert

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In this slim volume, author Angela Colbert takes an in-depth look at faith and its ability to attract the power of God to work miracles amid impossible situations.

Colbert “had known God from an early age” but during a difficult time she fell into drug and alcohol abuse, “lost an enormous amount of weight and self-respect” and “turned to New Age beliefs” for relief. Through a six-year “self-actualization journey” Colbert realized that “trouble will come…but with faith in God, all things are possible.”

In this self-help book, Colbert examines biblical faith through scriptural examples while also contrasting New Age teaching with Christian doctrine to help believers distinguish the truth of God’s word from what she feels is false doctrine. “You may think that Christianity and the New Age share similar or the same views,” she writes, “…[but] New Age beliefs are entirely different from the plan of God for man.” She explains that “the faith life is not a life of self-actualization but rather a life of self-denial.”

Colbert packs a lot of information into a mere 70 pages. Not only does she dissect faith—what it is, what it does for your relationship with God, and how to develop it—but she explores the outcomes of a faith-filled life, such as peace, the power of God at work in your life, financial growth, mental strength, courage and stability. Chapter summaries help recap key concepts, and a how-to section gives readers resources and actionable tools for transforming their lives.

Colbert uses ample scriptural references for supporting her teaching but shies away from fully sharing her personal story of change, which would have helped her connect more with her audience. Nonetheless, anyone looking to understand and increase faith, as well as believers interested in understanding the differences between New Age beliefs and Christianity, will find Colbert’s contribution easy to follow and informative.

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