Journey of Awakening and Higher Consciousness

Jane Kim Yu

Publisher: Absolute Author Publishing House Pages: 235 Price: (paperback) $9.99 ISBN: 9781649539113 Reviewed: April, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

A pharmacist and spiritual seeker describes her path to enlightenment in this movingly told self-help book.

As a child, author Jane Kim Yu suffered greatly from a rare sun allergy that caused her skin to bloat, harden, and scale, rendering her immobile every summer. In the worst of her pain, her prayers “to live and know what it means to be alive” became the first step on her journey. Later, during a walk across her college campus, “a loud, thunderous crack in my brain” opened her to light which “illuminated every part, and consumed me entirely.” The result —”silence, stillness, and complete and total peace”—changed her life.

Yu explains with passion why abandoning the monkey chatter of the mind and trusting in the heart can reveal how to live. She tells readers, “You are on the path that all the greats of all time past all traversed…the great journey within, to discover the truth of who you are.” By stepping into this truth, she writes, “we raise our awareness, consciousness, vibration, and internal level of understanding.”

Yu also discusses how energy is the foundation of everything and why synchronicities are evidence of our inward journey. In the final chapters, she offers suggestions, such as employing meditation and prayer, to calm inner turbulence.

The narrative offers a smorgasbord of the types of spiritual ideas—mindfulness, embracing love, self-acceptance, openness, seeking higher consciousness—examined in a multitude of other spiritually oriented books. It’s written with a stream-of-consciousness flow; more than concrete, step-by-step tips designed to guide readers’ daily lives with firm advice, the author delivers airy motivational prose, explaining her experiences and gently acknowledging ideas readers might want to consider.

Those looking for the kind of self-help book that guides them with clear and concise tips likely won’t find it here. But Yu models love on every page, offering nurturing, reassuring words for seekers on a similar path.

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