Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live

Mari L. McCarthy

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Journaling Power seamlessly blends memoir with journaling strategies, exercises and a discussion of the benefits of journaling, adding elements of scientific research and mini-case studies. Each of the book’s ingredients is provided in just the right amount, creating a perfectly-balanced presentation about the power of therapeutic journaling.

Mari L. McCarthy may have been the least likely person to come across the benefits of journaling—and, if she had, she likely wouldn’t have tried it had it not been for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. McCarthy had been an extremely busy Fortune 1000 consultant, traveling the globe for work and seldom giving her body a rest.

Then, she became “floored, quite literally, by an ongoing health crisis” and ultimately turned to journaling. Forced to slow down by health challenges, she was also forced to face negative emotions she’d carried with her since childhood. And, after a year or two of journaling, she found that she no longer needed prescription medicines to manage her previously-disabling multiple sclerosis. Why? Journaling had also allowed her to find a “door into my soul.”

McCarthy shares relevant memoir information throughout while guiding readers into developing their own unique journaling practices, providing specific exercises for them to try and encouraging them to modify the tasks to suit their own purposes. To tame someone’s “Inner Critic,” for example, she describes a freewriting journaling exercise to help identify negative self-image messages and transform them into positive ones. Another exercise guides readers through healing negative relationships with food; a third example focuses on gratitude, while another targets spirituality.

Journaling Power is sensitively written, exquisitely paced, encouraging, practical and do-able. Anyone with the desire to look more deeply within will find this book a powerful tool.

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