Jetsam: A Divemaster Ricky Adventure (Book 3)

Tracy Grogan

Publisher: Tracy Grogan Pages: 396 Price: (paperback) $12.99 ISBN: 9798985014044 Reviewed: March, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

No matter where Ricky Yamamoto scuba dives, she gets in hot water. In Jetsam however, most of the calamities she encounters aren’t aquatic.

In the third of Tracy Grogan’s Divemaster Ricky Adventures, Ricky leaves the Sinai Peninsula, where she’d previously led dives and narrowly escaped with her life. Now she’s headed for a gig in the Indian Ocean with Captain Rich, a former colleague, where she’ll spend three months on a luxury yacht as a science diver for a wealthy couple monitoring the waters off the Burmese shore.

Once at sea, however, Ricky becomes suspicious when she’s required to shower before being allowed on deck after short dives collecting samples. There’s mention of uranium. She’s also skeptical of her employers, Lonnie and Margo; Ricky has no tolerance for pretense or ignorance, characteristics she sees in them.

Meanwhile, Ricky and the others on the yacht had anticipated run-ins with pirates (which they have), but they’re surprised when they’re imprisoned by the Myanmar Navy on suspicion of smuggling drugs and weapons.

The exploits continue with multiple escapes, run-ins with renegade military troops and the CIA, and numerous near-death experiences. A subplot adds to Ricky’s challenges: Before she left Egypt, her mother had informed her that her father wasn’t her biological parent.

Throughout, Ricky maintains her snarky narration. At one point, she notes: “The trailer had a small kitchenette where I sat and ate until the containers were empty… and hoped I wouldn’t burp near Lonnie.”

With each Divemaster Ricky mystery, Grogan portrays a strong female facing danger while realistically revealing her vulnerability. In the hands of a less skillful writer, her perils might seem far-fetched. Instead, Ricky is an engaging character established as a magnet for trouble who readers cheer for. Secondary characters are equally well developed and credible, all enhanced by strong dialogue.

Readers are sure to enjoy this well-written, action-packed mystery while wondering what’s next.

Also available in paperback.

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