Jesus Christ: Savior, Judge, and King of the World

Daniel Ukadike Nwaelene, ThD

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Doctor of theology Daniel Ukadike Nwaelene comments on three key elements of Christian doctrine in this lengthy and recursive compilation of scriptural passages and religious scholarship.

In three sections, Nwaelene draws evidence from the Christian Bible supporting Christ’s titular roles as redeemer, ruler, and presider over the Last Judgment. Nwaelene’s hermeneutics are hard to define; the book is more than anything an index, with smaller subheadings collating lengthy quotations from Scripture that relate, at times indirectly, to the subject at hand. A complaint about sinfulness in the world weaves through the commentary, serving (weakly) as a unifying theme.

Nwaelene avoids exegesis but rather repeats and compounds Biblical proclamations with no interpretation or context. The audience is difficult to define as well. The scholarship he quotes is sophisticated for a layperson to understand without guidance, and beginners will be slowed by long lists of Israelite kings and prophetic visions with puzzling imagery. Yet points that merit deep discussion that would appeal to more knowledgeable readers are glossed over.

Where he does offer more commentary, for instance on the Second Kingdom, the discussion gets hung up on details like emphasizing the thousand-year span of the returned Son’s rule rather than crystallizing Christ’s vision or purpose from the assembled passages. When he touches on an interesting debate, like the extent to which the known world will pass away, Nwaelene doesn’t analyze his evidence or bring the argument to a persuasive end.

For a book on the central figure of Christian belief, the author has little to say about the central miracles of incarnation, healing, or resurrection. Believers may appreciate having swaths of scripture categorized for easy reference, as well as the encouragement to stand fast in their faith. However, given the little explanation on offer, the curious would be better off simply reading the Bible, and experienced theologians will find slim ground to debate.

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