Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine: The Story of Jesus and How It Applies to Us in the Twitter Era

R. Christian Bohlen

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In a fast-paced world often dominated by the chaotic ebb and flow of social media, it’s easy to lose our values and ethics. The remedy? For R. Christian Bohlen, it’s turning away from our smartphones and focusing our attention on Jesus. “Even in the Twitter era,” Bohlen writes, “Jesus shows the way up and out of the darkness so that we can become what we are meant to become.”

In this highly readable guide to Jesus’ life and teachings, the author combines the four Gospels of the New Testament into a single, simple, linear narrative covering Christ’s humble beginnings to his death and resurrection. In the process, he aims to motivate and inspire. From Jesus’s temptations, ministry, miracles, and parables, he draws lessons for readers to take on their spiritual journeys, stressing the need to cultivate humility, service, and obedience in our lives. On Peter and the fear many of us experience in engaging with our faith he writes, “Jesus Christ becomes one hundred times more important to us when we take courage from Him and act because of Him…Walking on water is something each of us must do in life, if we are to live without wasting life’s opportunities.”

In addition, Bohlen offers questions for reflection. His writing on the Beatitudes is superb, and his last chapter on what Christ can mean for readers in the day-to-day is thoughtful and encouraging.

Bohlen is a gifted writer, earnest in his approach, with a fine ability to tell a story in a simple and memorable way. His arguments are methodical yet disarming, and his conclusions are theologically sound and succinct. Moreover, the book is nicely produced, with charts, color images, and a vibrant map of the Holy Land.

In all, Jesus Christ His Life and Mine is personable, energetic and would make a fine introduction, or refresher course, for readers interested in the roots of Christianity.

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