Lissy O'Laughlin

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In this sexy, erotic, and fast-paced romance with a BDSM twist, Jade’s life as she knows it falls apart, only to fall back together in an exciting way.

Jade’s stale relationship with her husband Charlie leaves her sexually unsatisfied. When the handsome Mac shows up at her house to return the resume she left at his office during a job interview, sparks fly and the first of the book’s very hot encounters leaves Jade wanting more.

A week later, Jade has left her husband, is living with her best friend Lucy, and is about to start her new job; the job she interviewed for with the handsome Mac. Her first night working as a bar manager in an exclusive club is nothing short of eventful, highlighted by an erotic spanking and a surprising realization about Mac. Not all goes smoothly however, and Jade and Mac must overcome some drama before they can truly be together.

Though short in length (more novella than novel), Jaded still manages a fully realized story. The chemistry between Mac and Jade is electric, and the supporting cast, especially Jade’s best friend Lucy, is quirky and interesting. Lissy O’Laughlin’s sex scenes are explicit, but highlighted by sensual language that adds a heat and elegance. “His voice was like liquid chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate that she wanted to devour and ask for seconds to rub all over her aching body.”

The story has some BDSM elements that are not necessarily representative of real world BDSM practices. For instance, Jade and Mac engage in D/s play before he actually reveals to her he is a Dominant. However, the story still succeeds as a satisfying fantasy with some BDSM elements.

In sum, Jaded offers a solid and compelling read for fans of single-sitting erotic romances with a little bit of kink.

Also available in hardcover and ebook.

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