It’s Not Your Time Yet

Sara Grace

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Sara Grace encourages readers to cling to God during life’s most difficult moments in this memoir about overcoming hardship and finding one’s purpose in life.

From birth, Grace’s health was unsteady. Born prematurely, she struggled to survive, and at 18 months, doctors pronounced her dead. But according to Grace, the prayers of “the little Nazarene church back home” worked a miracle, and she revived. Both her troubles and miracles would not end there, however. Grace recounts incredible stories of faith, near-death experiences, losing the love of her life and finding her purpose on earth.

As an adult, Grace developed life-threatening blood clots in her groin and lungs. With three young sons and a husband at home, she spent weeks in the hospital alone with her fears and God. She states that “Jesus has a way of getting our attention” and that He used “this time to draw me closer to Him.” Grace learned to “Let go and trust God!” as she realized “suddenly my life might be over and what have I done for Jesus?” With a new determination to share her faith with others, Grace recovered and is living out what she believes is her life’s purpose.

With simple, childlike innocence and faith, Grace shares her experiences and draws readers into her world. Her tone is never preachy but full of thanks and adoration to the God she loves and serves.

The book’s opening feels a little disjointed as the author jumps immediately into a discussion of the miraculous circumstances surrounding her birth; this part is confusing, creating a bumpy launch to her story. She regains her authority by the end, but perhaps a more solid beginning would ensure readers stay for the full ride. Additionally, some might prefer more meat to her story (the book is a scant 52 pages), but she adequately delivers her message.

Regardless, anyone interested in the miraculous will be encouraged by her experiences and unbending faith in God.

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