Is There Evidence For God?: An Economist Searches for Answers

Robert Genetski

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Robert Genetski’s apologetics work examines scientific, historical and religious information to argue for God’s existence.

Born into a Catholic family, Genetski was a firm believer when his devout mother told him, several years before her death, that she no longer believed in God. “I was stunned!” he writes. “…The incident may have been the spark I needed to begin taking a serious look into God and religion.”

Here, the author documents his exploration, organizing the book into five parts: “To Believe or Not to Believe—That is the Question,” “Evidence for Life After Death,” “Religions and the Search for God,” “Evidence for Jesus as God,” and “Lessons from My Search for God.”

Straightforward discussions include the implications of atheism, where Genetski examines arguments by famous atheists such as Christopher Hitchens and Rickard Dawkins. The men argued that if God existed, he wouldn’t allow bad things to happen; Genetski counters that personal opinions aren’t enough to disprove God’s existence.

The author also discusses how his faith has brought him peace, helped him deal with anxiety, and given his life meaning and direction. Such details help humanize the work and could inspire readers to think about embarking on a similar search.

Genetski employs familiar, easy-to-understand language. He also quotes external sources that expand his discussions and includes a list of resources for further research.

However, the book fails to distinguish itself from others on the same topic, re-treading familiar ground (i.e., whether God’s existence is inconsistent with science and if the perpetration of evil by people claiming to be religious proves He doesn’t exist). Much of the narrative relies on historical records of supernatural encounters, such as the Our Lady of Guadalupe miracle. Readers looking for academic and science-based arguments supporting God’s existence will find the book lacking.

Still, Is There Evidence for God? will appeal to readers looking for a straightforward, personal read that forwards easy-to-understand arguments for God’s existence.

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