Invincible You: Discover Your Inner Power and Achieve Your Heart’s Desires

Dr. Alexander Avila

Publisher: Heart and Soul Publishing Pages: 254 Price: (paperback) $16.99 ISBN: 9780692043387 Reviewed: May, 2019 Author Website: Visit »

In Invincible You, Dr. Alexander Avila delivers his approach to self-fulfillment. “Utilizing the best of modern Western Positive Psychology and Eastern Mind-Body practices,” he writes in his introduction, “you will learn how to transform yourself into a complete human being.”

Avila offers advice familiar to followers of positive psychology (practice gratitude, repeat supportive affirmations, use small wins to build momentum, etc.), along with more original instruction. For example, he encourages readers to identify and work with their unique “Don” (Spanish for “gift” or “talent”) to move with the flow rather than against it. He notes that being alive puts one among the special 7% (a formula based on the number of people who ever lived divided by those now alive), and encourages readers to remember: “I am a member of the esteemed 7% Club of the Living. My motto is to live each day consciously, joyfully, and with love, as I help others do the same.”

He also clearly explains the “hara,” an Eastern concept of a point below the navel wherein lies stability and intuition (where knowledge of the “Don” resides). By creating a “hara focus statement”—a simple expression of one’s life goal (e.g., Steve Jobs’ “Think different”)— it’s easier to harness the energy, commitment, and perseverance necessary to reach that goal.

Avila’s information and encouraging tone are valuable, but his hodgepodge of metaphors is distracting. He structures the book like a meal, from “Quick Bites” through the “Main Course” to “Dessert.” But he also offers the “Cesspool of Weakness” (something you don’t want to think about when talking about food), “Invincible Mountain” and “Neurotic Village.” With so many metaphors, the analogies feel jumbled and distracting. Additionally, his examples of real-life situations seem generic, rather than reflecting flesh-and-blood people.

The author’s foundation in positive psychology and Eastern spiritual practice is solid, but his presentation requires streamlining. Avila doesn’t need gimmicks to convince readers Invincible You is an actionable program well worth their time.

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