Intimacy In Inconsequential Moments

Farmie Dee

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Intimacy In Inconsequential Moments is described by author Farmie Dee in the introduction as “more an anthology of poetry, prose, and empathic descriptions” than a traditional book. Dee expresses his observations on life, love, loss, mental illness, myth, philosophy, and more in his collection that spans over 20 years of experiences.

While the writings are grouped by theme, there is no single thread that draws them together as a whole. Despite the author’s description of his work, the majority of the book consists of poetry, save a handful of short stories that border between prose and long-form poetry, including the title entry, “Inconsequential Moments.”

It’s clear that Dee is sharing deeply personal experiences, emphasized by passages regarding a fire he experienced as a child, his struggle with suicidal thoughts and his reflection upon a love and longing for a particular partner (all of which he references in his introduction). Unfortunately, rather than drawing readers into his experience, his continuous use of the juxtaposition of disparate elements, which feels forced and self-conscious, soon becomes distracting. (Example: “A longing for the cold, cold night of summer’s depth, and the searing hot days of winter’s snows…”)

Much of the imagery used is repeated often in various entries (e.g. “salty diamonds” for tears, locked and unlocked doors, angels versus demons, gardens in bloom), creating a sense of déjà vu. Because the same metaphors are frequently used to different ends, the intended meaning becomes confused in the reader’s mind.

It’s in the most romantic poems that the author seems to truly let his guard down, and readers feel like they’re sharing a secret between Dee and his lover. But the author’s voice is inconsistent, sometimes making it difficult to discern when he’s speaking for himself or through another character.

This collection valiantly aims to convey deep emotions, but the poetry never fully connects with readers. The result is a decidedly mixed reading experience.

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