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infinite times more by nyrd is a rollicking collection of hip-hop-influenced poems of passion, anguish, and resilience. While mental health struggles stalk the narrator, she never gives up on authenticity, self-expression, and the pursuit of love.

nyrd’s use of surprising and vivid imagery along with her fresh rhymes keep the reader’s attention and sympathies from poem to poem. Each poem evokes the vitality, lust for life, and determination to survive, such as “Indisputable,” which begins, “Cloudy vibes and sweet iced tea,/ Fighting till my last breath like I’m Bruce Lee,/ Indisputable energy, it tastes like Halsey.” The pop culture references showcase a sensibility that is street savvy and stylish.

These poems are often thematically dark but crackle with rap rhythms and an invigoratingly defiant attitude that makes readers root for the speaker, as in the poem “Full Moon,” which begins “You only knew what was left of my debris,/ I cut myself off with Jason Voorhees’s machete,/ I prefer to be the nominee ‘cause I don’t want/ you to think of me as a guarantee. ”

Another winning aspect of the book is its queer bravado and embrace of sexuality as a source of vitality. The poem “Toxic” begins, “I’ll devour her in my embrace as I spin her,/ Baby, damn right I’m aware I’m a fucking winner,/ You’re a proclaimed saint and I’m the sinner,/ Forever, I’ll serenade you like you’re the/ side and main course dinner.”

The playfulness, linguistic fluency, and originality of the images all meld together to make this collection of interest to contemporary poetry readers. nyrd’s work will appeal to anyone who has struggled to be themselves in a hostile world, to get through chaos in order to find oases of peace, and to give and love freely.

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