Inalienable Rights versus Abuse: A Commonsense Approach to Public Policy

R. Q. Public

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For R.Q. Public (a pseudonym), the world is divided into two groups: abusers and those who support inalienable rights for everyone. Through this lens, Public sees a path that he says can lead to a better life for everyone.

Abusers are the “bullies, deceivers, indifferent hurters and rights violators” who come in all shapes and sizes and who have created a “culture of abuse” that deprives millions of their inalienable rights. His book, he hopes, will open the minds of “traditionalists” and policy makers “just a crack” about how a thorough recognition of everyone’s inalienable rights—“to life, to liberty, to the pursuit of happiness, and to benefit from the common good”—can solve many of America’s problems.

Public covers all the bases in his well-researched book: poverty, police conduct, wasteful government spending, fossil fuels, immigration and so on. His rights versus abuse paradigm offers a novel way to look at the range of frequently discussed problems and their solutions, some of which are clearly beneficial and some controversial. Public draws his solutions from both ends of the political spectrum, with an edge toward the liberal agenda.

Sometimes, however, he falls short of his goal. His “common good for retirees program,” for example, simply affirms that every senior should have “enough to live a healthful lifestyle”—hardly a groundbreaking thought. Additionally, Public sometimes becomes repetitious or patronizingly obvious, as when he advises gun owners that there’s a difference “between violence and self-defense.”

On the refreshing side, Public’s writing is conversational and clear, avoiding jargon or the kind of political ranting that is so common these days. Public also includes a helpful glossary and index.

If the author chose to use a pseudonym because he feared reprisals, he shouldn’t have worried. The book is unlikely to provoke great controversy or offense, but it does provide a creative and intelligent new way of looking at many of today’s societal, cultural and economic problems.

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