I’m Just a Fork-Lift Operator. After All, What Do I Know?

Joseph Traver

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Joseph Traver shares the life lessons he has learned as a follower of Jesus Christ in I’m Just a Fork-Lift Operator. After All, What Do I Know? Presenting himself as a simple blue-collar worker who didn’t graduate from college or attend seminary, the author provides an intense perspective of Christian apologetics.

Concerned that Christians are under “severe attack by the forces of evil” and “deception is everywhere,” Traver seeks to bring biblical truth through his commentaries on the Scriptures to those sincerely searching for eternal life. Each of the 32 chapters included here contains a lesson based on either his personal experiences as a Teamster and forklift operator or on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens— a story of greed, remorse and redemption.

In his effort to draw readers into a closer walk with God and avoid evil, he covers a wide range of principles. Traver believes, for example, that “the life of a Christian begins with not only a changed heart, but also with the renewing of one’s mind.” He notes that, “Only within the pages of the Holy Bible can the truth be found.”

I’m Just a Fork-Lift Operator contains a forklift load of repeated information that would benefit from better editing. Paragraphs of 1,000 words make reading tedious, and the tendency of the author to put words in the reader’s mouth and then respond with his opinions is off-putting. (“How so, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked. I say I’m glad you asked because . . ..”) Although the message is scriptural, the presumptuous presentation may distance some readers.

Traver’s passionate message reads like a fundamentalist preacher’s sermon about the hazards of living a sinful life, warning of eternal damnation. Those raised in a church culture of fiery preaching may appreciate this book and align with his slant on living a dedicated Christian life; others will likely turn away from his message.

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