“I’ll Try” is Not Good Enough…

Philip B. Nelson, Kirk W. Nelson, Michael J. Paxton

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“I’ll Try” Is Not Good Enough… by Philip B. Nelson, Kirk W. Nelson and Michael J. Paxton is a leadership development book that outlines ten principles of human behavior that are integral to effective change, and how managers can facilitate adjustment of these behaviors for improved work product.

Each of this short book’s ten chapters focuses on one of the behavior principles that the authors claim address both why change is difficult and how change can be achieved. For example, Principle 1 addresses the fact that some people lack the capacity to do their job (why change is difficult), while Principle 7 describes the value of providing consistent and specific feedback to encourage behavior changes (achieving change). Every chapter contains an example story, a summary section at the end and a blank space for notes.

“I’ll Try” Is Not Good Enough… does a good job of providing a broad overview of the behavioral components of change, but its breadth is also its major fault. Readers are left wanting more on each of the principles, and while the author’s provide concrete examples of how to change behavior, they simply don’t go deep enough. For example, in Chapter 5 on managing a lack of education or training, the authors suggest transferring a struggling individual to a new job assignment – a task easier said than done and vastly more complex.

Nelson, Nelson, and Paxton are clearly experts on the topic of behavior and change. However, the brevity of the book makes it best suited for new managers or as a conceptual appetizer for more established leaders.

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