III Chronicles

Darlene Klingensmith

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Darlene Klingensmith Makin’s intimate, faith-based memoir, III Chronicles, documents her extraordinary spiritual encounters and her transformation following her faith conversion.

Makin was born in Pleasant Hills, Pittsburgh. As a child, she had supernatural encounters, including experiences where a man appeared multiple times to reassure her when she felt frightened. Her family did not attend church, but later in her life, a friend invited Makin to her church. There she met the Rev. James Boos, who became instrumental in guiding her during her conversion and throughout her faith journey. In 1974, she felt called into ministry and graduated with a Master of Divinity degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980.

Her visions and other supernatural experiences are striking and evoke in her emotions of joy, sadness, unease and hope. In one vision, Makin revisits the site of Jesus’s crucifixion, standing among the crowds watching Jesus carrying the cross. The book describes in graphic detail his physical state and Makin’s emotional response. In a dream, she watches events of the Last Supper and Jesus’s brutal arrest by the guards before his trial and crucifixion.

The work encourages reflection, drawing readers in and including relevant biblical scriptures for further study as each chapter starts. Unfortunately, the memoir focuses only on her spiritual background. Her experiences with other people are included just to expound on her spiritual life. For instance, the book mentions her abusive mother only to indicate how the childhood experience led her to struggle with obedience after her conversion. She offers few details to provide a sense of who she is beyond her spirituality.

Many readers will wish for a fuller view of the author. Nonetheless, readers of faith might appreciate this memoir, which draws upon Makin’s uncommon spiritual encounters, inspiring readers to reflect on their own faith and encounters.

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