I See You: A Guide for Women to Make More, Have More, and Be More—Without More Work

Amy Kemp

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I See You is a motivational book designed to help women increase their earnings without spending more time working. It’s written by Amy Kemp, a sales leader turned coach who focuses on helping clients see the connection between mindset and outcomes.

Kemp’s career transition to coaching came when she realized her family wasn’t earning enough to meet its goals, a story she shares at the outset. “I learned I could not outwork my thought habits. Instead of just putting my head down and pushing harder like I always had before, I had to first uproot the unhealthy thought habits that were so deeply buried I hadn’t even realized they were there.”

This is one of many stories she shares, about herself and the women she’s worked with, to illustrate her guidance on a broad range of topics, including how to find your genius, build boundaries, and evaluate your relationship to money. In addition to anecdotes, Kemp references popular books and podcasts. For example, in her chapter on identifying your unique genius, Kemp references James Clear’s Atomic Habits to find questions to help readers to uncover the special thing they do.

She also draws on her own wisdom to make the concepts relatable. In her chapter on boundaries, Kemp reflects “I have learned that people don’t need me to take responsibility for their successes or failures; they just need someone to listen without agenda or attachment.”

Perhaps the most valuable chapter is “Surrender to Structure,” in which Kemp urges unapologetic, proactive organization and structure, encouraging readers to consider adding more routines and discipline to their lives (such as weekly meal prepping and regular date nights) to help reach their goals. While many of the book’s concepts are familiar throughout, this feels fresh, new, and deeply useful.

Despite delivering some advice readers might have already heard, I See You will be useful for women looking to get unstuck and regain a sense of control over their destinies.

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