I Do. A Wedding Planner Tells Tales

Lynda Barness

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After a decade of wedding planning and more than 200 weddings, Lynda Barness has seen it all. Lucky for readers, she took notes and has stitched them together into a lively, exhilarating and, at times, heartwarming tell-all.

In I Do, Barness dishes the dirt about overanxious mothers, weepy brides, flaky grooms, ugly up-dos, rude priests and uncooperative weather, in each case explaining how she handled the situation. The result is a rollicking reflection on human nature and the dangers of focusing more on meaningless details than on the joy of the occasion. Case in point: one mother of the bride whose day was ruined by chairs tied with the wrong color ribbon.

Barness organizes hundreds of anecdotes into chapters about family squabbles, vendors, clergy, and mishaps, introducing each with a tidbit of sage advice. Take a deep breath and remember that you love these people, for example, or keep in mind that these details will be forgotten while your bond will remain for years to come. Then she lets the stories speak for themselves.

Readers meet the micromanaging clients who fired off 1,302 emails, 140 in just one day. Or the derisive parents who referred to their son’s future in-laws as the “Beverly Hillbillies.” Or the bagpiper who called to say he was stuck on the bridge on his way to the church.

Along the way, Barness establishes herself as an ingenious problem solver, but nowhere better than when listing the items in her emergency kit: chalk to cover grass stains on white shoes, duct tape to help buxom bridesmaids squeeze into tight bodices, thong to tame a bridesmaid’s panty line.

One quibble: The author begins on a self-promotional tone by introducing her business and including praise from former clients. Readers will easily get past that brief misstep and be treated to a rich feast of behind-the-scenes details. They may even catch glimpses of themselves if they have ever planned a wedding.

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