I Died 3 Times and Went to Heaven 3 Times

Paulo Italian

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Hoping to encourage readers to develop a true relationship with Jesus Christ, Paulo Italian chronicles his time in the Philippines, where he died and visited heaven three times.

Italian-born actor turned missionary Paulo Italian (a pen name) sets a unique example of what it means to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. He states that “if there is no suffering, no pain, no trials, no tribulations, then what is the point of living for Jesus?”

Italian spent several years living in the Philippines with little money and enduring constant maltreatment by the locals. Yet, rather than complain, Italian shares how Jesus provided for him so he could show God’s love to others. During this time, Italian had three out-of-body experiences where he visited heaven, met Jesus, and “walked on to the streets of gold.” Italian saw King David, a “four-faced creature” and “a singing flower,” among other wonders. Italian reports that Jesus instructed him to write a book and “teach them about Me…and show them My ways.”

Italian’s story is entertaining at times, but it requires ample patience and grace to complete. Written conversationally, the book lacks structure, creating confusion as it careens between topics and events. Italian interjects too many asides and minute details (on one page, he ends a discussion of visiting heaven, jumps to Elle Macpherson being denied access to heaven, and recounts a random story about a little girl who died). He also includes irrelevant comments (about a drink recipe, needing to use the restroom, etc.), which hinder the narrative flow. These issues among many others makes for a rough read. Unfortunately, the best of Italian’s writing lies near book’s end, where he explains how one can develop a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

Italian has a pertinent message for people of every race and religion, but his delivery is muddied by a lack of professional editing. With proper polishing, his testimony would make a greater impact.

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