I Am the Promise Keeper

Brad Wyrick

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Brad Wyrick teaches Christians how to apply God’s scriptural promises to their lives in this self-help book focused on gaining spiritual maturity through praying the Scriptures.

The Bible is full of God’s promises for His children. Wyrick likens the “over 3,000 promises in the Bible” to a stack of gift cards “sitting there in the Bible waiting for us to take hold and apply them to our life.” With ample scriptural references to back his claims, Wyrick explains that God is Yahweh, “the Becoming One…[who] becomes to you whatever your need might be.”

Examining God’s “I Am” statements, Wyrick defines who God is and the promises He makes for Christians. For example, within the statement “I am the Good Shepherd” lies promises of “food and protection and security.” Wyrick encourages believers to study the Bible in its entirety to realize the promises in their lives. He states: “Reading and understanding the full context of Scripture is the only way it applies to our lives…If you know the rules, the principles, and the strategies, you will be successful…” He ends each chapter with a summarizing prayer, including a salvation prayer at the end of Chapter 1.

Wyrick’s presentation of the Bible’s basic claims about salvation, exercising faith and living in obedience to God’s word are scripturally sound and fully referenced. He becomes more relatable and less preachy as he shares personal experiences to further illustrate his claims. For example, he tells a humorous account of an argument he had with God over a girl he wanted to date and how God got his attention.

Unfortunately, more than a handful of typographical errors, incomplete sentences and excessive use of capital letters mar the book’s professional quality, giving it an amateur feel, although Wyrick isn’t a new author.

Fortunately, his experience in ministry since the ‘70s and the numerous books he’s written outshine the imperfections. Wyrick’s contribution is a solid resource for understanding the Bible’s promises.

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