I Am a Wife

Carol Copeland

Publisher: WestBow Press Pages: 108 Price: (paperback) $11.95 ISBN: 9781664247253 Reviewed: December, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

In I Am a Wife, Carol Copeland shares her relationship experiences and biblical wisdom to help Christian single ladies navigate the dating world.

After multiple failed relationships and a battle with cancer, Copeland met the man God designed to be her husband. Though her story has a happy ending, finding her true love was no fairytale. In this brief memoir, Copeland explores how to wait patiently and trust God for a good husband. Written for single and divorced women alike, Copeland talks frankly about the pitfalls of dating, the types of men to avoid, and the importance of developing a relationship with God first.

Copeland’s uplifting tone and vibrant personality shine through her message as she gives readers affirming perspectives on being a godly woman in today’s culture. She delivers bite-sized quips that are easy to remember and pack a punch: “A Queen does not compete she completes”; “A wife is who she is and not what she does”; “Don’t confuse lust with love,” and many more. Copeland lovingly reminds women of their worth and the boundaries they must set while waiting “on God’s best to find [them].”

Undoubtedly, Copeland’s message is needed in today’s dating culture. Unfortunately, excessive grammatical and typographical errors impede comprehension and give the narrative an amateurish feel. Excessive run-on sentences consistently confuse her meaning, forcing readers to make assumptions as to what was intended. Additionally, some readers may find her wording a bit arrogant at times. Statements like, “As a Minister of the Gospel, I must correct this in your thinking” or “God has placed wisdom…in this book through me” may be perceived as self-elevating, though probably not intended as such.

Copeland’s message is much needed for any Christian woman seeking to find God’s best man for her life. However, the text requires thorough editing before she can effectively convey her ideas.

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