How to Pray

Evangelist Leon Kabasele

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In his book How to Pray, evangelist Leon Kabasele offers insight into one of the most important Christian topics — prayer. Here, he shares 12 “secrets” for powerful communion with God that will help readers gain clarity of mind, direction, and miracles in their daily life.

Kabasele laments: “Many people say that they are Christians, but when it comes time to carry on their cross, this becomes a different issue.” Part of the Christian’s “cross” is the daily sacrifice of prayer. Kabasele warns that, to their detriment, Christians largely do not know how to pray, and “without prayer it will always be difficult to know what God is about to do to you, to another person or even to your country.”

Kabasele’s insight is fresh, relevant, and enriched by his etymological skills. His useful revelations cover topics such as the Christian’s authority over Satan through faith in Jesus, why we still must pray even though God already knows our needs, how praise and worship are vital to prayer, and how fasting while praying packs a powerful punch.

Unfortunately, Kabasele’s biblical wisdom is buried under mounds of mechanical issues that a good editor should have sifted through prior to printing. The wording of this book is often disjointed, confusing and at moments unintentionally humorous. For instance, on page 60, he refers to Moses’ tabernacle as “Moose’s.” Also, it appears that one of the 12 prayer secrets is mistakenly tacked on to the end of chapter ten—leaving us with 11 “top” secrets rather than the purported 12. This hidden chapter on fasting was also left off the contents page, which may lose potential readers.

The numerous technical issues detract from the message of this book and unnecessarily weaken Kabasele’s authority. This is a shame, as there are important truths for every Christian within this rough diamond.

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