How To Become Extremely Wealthy

James J. Elleyby

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In How to Become Extremely Wealthy, a Master Life Coach explains how to cultivate an Abundant Mindset, the mental state necessary to attract, enjoy, and maintain great wealth.

From a foundation rooted in the spiritual law of abundance, James Elleyby explains how one’s state of mind is the key to attracting wealth—or repelling it. The idea of lack, disappointment, frustration, or the need to have more are severe impediments to being wealthy. Being grateful—right now, with whatever one has at this very moment—is the correct attitude, one that neutralizes anything negative.

Elleyby encourages pursuing activities that put the wealth seeker into vibrational alignment with the natural flow of wealth: reading financial reports to become comfortable with large sums of money; touring expensive properties; presenting a confident, positive demeanor; focusing on the task at hand and avoiding negative news or negative emotions such as fear or jealousy. He warns readers to avoid get-rich-quick schemes; ignore the competition and stick to the job you do best; and to refrain from giving to people who mismanage money. Share the wealth by tipping generously. Keep good company. Pay your taxes.

Elleyby writes as a preacher preaches, with rhythm and force; for example, when he offers his credentials: “[I’m] Not a magician, a skin tightener, or a teeth whitener! But I’m just a caring, gentle, sharing spirit. I’m a soul enlightener!” Important points are bolded, in all caps, in italics, or underlined for emphasis—sometimes all four. He writes as a trusted, experienced elder, giving fair warning about the pitfalls to being impatient regarding wealth.

The book could use copyediting, as consistently throughout the book, he uses “dam” for “damn,” and “reframe” for “refrain.” Also, he addresses readers throughout as “Champ” and “Champion,” which some women may feel is a male pronoun.

Nevertheless, for those open to the law of abundance, Elleyby’s unflagging confidence and clear advice offer helpful, actionable steps in that direction.

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