Hospitality Management

Lyn Pont, PhD

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Those reading this book expecting to learn the nuances of hospitality management will find much more. In the tradition of Emily Post, Lyn Pont has created a reference book that covers virtually every social situation readers may find themselves in.

What is intriguing about this book is that only five of the 15 chapters deal directly with hospitality. The remainder concern themselves with etiquette in a range of social situations: celebrations, rites of passage, travel, gratuities, dining, and handling oneself in International situations. The author adds a 21st century touch with an entire chapter on electronic etiquette.

Pont writes in a crisp and humorous style. For example, she denigrates call waiting as “the only electronic telephone feature that allows you to insult two callers at the same time.” Of particular everyday use are detailed instructions concerning conducting business meetings, tipping, and appropriate conduct at various events and memorials and during formal dining (for example, placing your knife and fork in a 10:20 position on your plate to indicate you are finished). If you have ever wondered about the correct behavior in a social situation, you’ll find it in these pages.

The book’s only weakness has nothing to do with its content, but with its marketing approach. Hospitality Management covers much more than the title suggests, and the author is limiting her potential audience with this emphasis. This is not only a resource for those in the hospitality industry, but for anyone who coordinates business and social events, or who needs to put their best foot forward in a wide range of social situations. In other words, it’s a book for everyone.

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