Honest Nutrition

Ira Edwards

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Honesty is scarcer in nutrition than politics, and in Honest Nutrition, author Ira Edwards sets out to uncover useful truths in a field riddled with controversy, hype, empty promises and mixed messages. From the first sentence to the last, readers will be riveted by Edwards’ wit, intelligence and thought-provoking commentary.

Edwards studied at the University of Washington and nearly became a medical doctor, leaving the institution six months shy of obtaining his degree after deciding he preferred teaching physics, biology and other subjects to high school students. In Part One of his book, he provides a simple, clear overview of politics and policy, helping readers understand how lobbying, government entities and drug companies influence what we eat. Edwards also explains how the drug industry influences government nutrition policies and how cleverly it links its interests to those of nutrition and medical health experts. He follows that with chapters related to nutrition and its impact on specific diseases (cancer, diabetes) and topics of interest (weight loss, aging).

The book is well organized and presents readers with frank insight about common health issues. Edwards contrasts popular treatments for health problems with alternative “remedies,” and explains why some health problems may be overcome with lesser known treatments and nutrition therapies instead of drugs. Overall, Edwards prefers alternative therapies and good nutrition to drugs and fad diets that offer empty promises and hype.

A section at the end of the book is dedicated to abbreviations and definitions of various conditions and treatments. To the unfamiliar, the compendium might be overwhelming, but it’s an excellent reference for sorting out confusing information one might read in the popular press.

Last, Edwards addresses “Putting It All Together,” his personal pragmatic approach to achieving good health in mind, body and spirit. Overall, his book will leave readers with a sense of what’s true and what’s not — empowering them to achieve good health on their own terms.

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