Hire Your Dream Team: 10 Secrets to Recruiting Star Talent

Kurt Weyerhauser

Publisher: Kensington Stone Press Pages: 249 Price: (paperback) $18.00 ISBN: 9780991590803 Reviewed: August, 2018 Author Website: Visit »

Capital, markets, technology: all are required to grow a business. However, no single facet of a business is more important than its people. In his book Hire Your Dream Team, executive recruiter Kurt Weyerhauser reveals his top ten secrets for finding and hiring top talent.

In his introduction, Weyerhauser presents ten methods for recruiting managerial talent, including how to remain personally engaged in the search, how to maximize the value of interviews, and how to think strategically when hiring. The remainder of the book details these methods, which he associates with highly skilled hiring managers, or “talent seekers,” as he prefers to call them. From suggesting specific interview questions, to showing an example of how to improve job descriptions, Weyerhauser offers practical steps rather than abstruse theories.

Throughout the book, the author emphasizes the role of emotional engagement. Most decision-making, finds Weyerhauser, is based on emotions, and hiring managers must appeal to their hearts to land the best talent. The author also suggests that recruiters who are limiting their search to the unemployed and those dissatisfied with their current position, are missing out on reaching top talent.

Additionally, Weyerhauser offers a model to create “compelling opportunities” for potential hires based on four variables: job requirements, compensation, the time required for hiring, and the available pool of candidates. He shows how these variables interact and explains why achieving an equilibrium among them creates an advantage.

Written in a crisp style, Weyerhauser’s every paragraph is packed with advice from a seasoned pro. Short chapters, broken into digestible segments, enhance the book’s readability, while a “secret” revealed at the end of each chapter underscores that chapter’s main message.  Start-ups and mature firms alike will find a wealth of information and insights in this comprehensive guide to finding and landing the very best talent.

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