Dr. Israel Palchan

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Dr. Israel Palchan has written a practical guide for tourists and students who wish to have a working knowledge of the Hebrew language. Because Hebrew has its own alphabet of 22 letters, has no letter equivalent for vowels, and is read right to left, it can be daunting for the English speaker. Although you may not become fluent from his phrasebook, it will give you much more confidence when you travel to Israel.

Each entry throughout the book is given with the Hebrew, the English and the transliteration, for easy pronunciation. As Palchan points out, “the most important thing for a person who is surrounded by people speaking a foreign language to do, is to be able to ask questions.” To that end, Palchan devotes part of the book to common questions and replies that will help the traveler communicate.

He also devotes a third of the book to 75 verbs with their tenses and pronouns, as well as with the nouns commonly used in conjunction with them, so that the serious student can construct sentences.

The last third is devoted to expressions and words commonly found in spoken Hebrew. Thus, the traveler has easy access to “good morning,” “OK”, “please” and so forth. Most helpful is that Palchan has an extensive index at the back listing all the pages where you’ll find a particular word mentioned in the book.

If you have some interest in Hebrew, Palchan’s book will get you started. Will you be able to have an entire conversation in Hebrew? “Lo bediyuk.” (Not exactly.) But will you be able to get a taxi and tell the driver to take you to the airport? “Ken.” (Yes.)

Also available in hardcover and as an ebook.

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