Heaven Has No Address

Rev. Carol Dooley, R.N.

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Carol Dooley, a retired hospice nurse and ordained Spiritualist minister, shares evidence of a world beyond this one via her patients’ end-of-life transitions.

Based on her years of metaphysics training and contact with spirits, Dooley argues that “Heaven and an eternal life does exist, and that we can communicate with those in the spirit world or heaven.” Her years as a hospice nurse allowed her to introduce this concept to her patients and their caregivers and witness events she believes make a case for it.

Here, she shares the last moments of some of the dying and the aftermath as she made follow-up visits. Among these are her former mother-in-law, whose last words were: “I just saw heaven where I’m going [sic] and now, I’m ready to go back” and four-year-old Greg, who, after his father passed away, sat in his mother’s car watching a train go by. “Look, mommy [sic], I see daddy on the train!’” Greg said.

Dooley also offers practical advice for how the dying can make peace with family and friends before leaving this world that doesn’t require sharing her Spiritualist belief that we can communicate with the dead. “There are five important issues to consider before we say goodbye; [sic] I love you. I forgive you, please forgive me, thank you, and goodbye. Being able to say these things, the spirit and body can be at rest…”

For those willing to accept her belief in spirit guides and reincarnation, Dooley’s stories of the dying and her view that the next realm is filled with joy and reunion is reassuring. However, much of the book is less compelling. The first third is a winding tale of her spiritual growth and an unnecessary digression into what a random handful of religions, including Sikhism and the Seventh Day Adventist Church, believe about the after-life.

Eventually, though, her clients’ stories get the book back on track and offer a valuable look at a once-in-this-lifetime event.

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